With intense storms, wildfires, and oceans choked with plastics, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the environment is in trouble. 80% of folks are open to making changes to their lifestyle to protect Mother Earth.

You know all the obvious ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Use recycled paper products, eat less meat, bike instead of drive, the list goes on. But many people forget that one of the most egregious environmental abusers is in every building: the restroom.

Is a portable John an eco-friendly alternative for bathroom facilities? In this article, we take a closer look.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is one of the highest priorities on any environmentalist’s list. After all, freshwater is scarce. Less than 3% of Earth’s water is fresh, with about 1% of that freshwater accessible for our use

Earth’s population continues to grow, creating water shortages and droughts everywhere. Many places have banned things like watering your lawn or having a pool. Experts recommend taking shorter showers, and not leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth.

Now, imagine how much water a public restroom goes through. Hundreds of flashes, hundreds of gallons of water for handwashing, and hundreds more for restroom maintenance. A porta-potty rental doesn’t have that issue, even for an outdoor event.

Conserving Water with a Portable John

A porta John rental helps to conserve water. During operation, the toilet and/or urinal itself uses no water at all. A John’s built-in sink uses a paltry amount compared to its brick-and-mortar competitors.

The majority of the water usage comes later when your portable toilet rental company handles the waste disposal. It takes far less than hundreds of gallons of flushes to remove the waste, especially if you’re using an eco-friendly company

Restroom Maintenance

Restrooms take a lot of work to upkeep. Water is again a problem, as they require hundreds of gallons of water to keep clean each week. But that’s only the beginning!

Restrooms require you to hire cleaning services. These services use disposable paper towels and harmful cleaning chemicals to get the job done. Plus, they create their own carbon footprint by driving to and from the place.

Cutting Restroom Maintenance with a Portable John

As you can guess, a porta-potty requires only minimal maintenance when in operation.

At most, your porta potty company drops by to stock up the toilet paper, do a quick wipe-down inside, and dump the tank if necessary. They need only do this once a week or less in situations with limited usage.

Odor Control

Odor has an impact on the environment too, believe it or not. Just think of the last time you went camping. There’s a good chance you saw a sign warning you about leaving food out that might attract wildlife.

Human odors can both attract and displace nearby wildlife. Especially when it comes to an outdoor event. Native local critters may have their habitats and feeding patterns disrupted if they smell human waste nearby.

A huge problem with outdoor events is men who use trees as urinals. Their urine not only does damage to the plants it lands on, it creates a big warning sign for any nearby species. 

Managing Odor with a Portable John

A porta-potty keeps the smell inside thanks to porta-potty chemicals. Even if the last guy had Taco Bell and decided to use the John to stress-test his lower intestines, the smell stays in. Animals will certainly scent a nearby porta-potty, but it’s far less of an impact.

As an added bonus, people won’t have to hold their nose when going to the bathroom.

Disease Prevention

There’s a reason urine and feces make you recoil in disgust, even just to look at them. That’s your evolutionary response telling you to stay far, far away. That’s because human and animal waste is a powerful vector for disease.

In the aforementioned example, you might have eventgoers using the trees and plants to relieve themselves. That’s a surefire way to turn any location into an incubus for viral plague. 

Camping grounds and other outdoor recreational areas may lose their appeal when they smell like a big, open midden heap. But they become more than just an unpleasant smell when people are getting stomach bugs. 

Keeping Disease in Check with a Portable John

Once again, the porta-potty chemicals keep all that nastiness at bay. There is a reason you can leave a porta-potty in the same spot for weeks without much concern. It’s because they are a very effective way to hold human waste with minimal maintenance.

That naturally culls the spread of disease. Worry not about sickness because some drunk guest decided to bombard the bushes and then go glad-handing.

Waste Disposal

We often take for granted how effective and complex our plumbing systems are. With one press of a button, you can send yesterday’s enchilada to a faraway place where it’s no longer your problem. When you start to do your research, though, you realize it comes at a great cost.

It’s not just the water that people waste leaving the tap on or doing a double flush to clean the bowl. It’s the waste management at the other end that has to treat it and dispose of it. Especially when most of that waste may just end up in the ocean.

Efficient Waste Disposal with a Portable John

A portable John allows your porta-potty rental company to be more conscientious about how it disposes of waste. Instead of just pouring it down the sewer as most do, it can go to an approved dump site.

There, it takes less resources to dump. It also doesn’t contaminate ocean water or freshwater streams. All in all, a huge win for the environment.

Get Porta-Potties from A Sani-Can

A portable John is an environmentally friendly solution when you need a bathroom for your event or location. It minimizes its usage of resources, cuts down on maintenance costs, and keeps things clean. Once it’s time to retire it, the waste disposal causes less harm as well.

Looking for an affordable, high-quality portable John near Denver or Greensboro? Get a quote from A Sani-Can today.