Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event or establishing a new job site, you’ll need to provide restroom facilities for people. You can’t always depend on existing ones at the site. And you want to guarantee that everyone is comfortable. That’s why renting a restroom trailer could be the best bet.

Present Attendees with a Convenient Solution: Your Key to Seamless Event Experiences

If you’re busy with other event coordination details, you can take restroom arrangements off your to-do list by opting for a restroom trailer. A restroom trailer is a hassle-free solution that will satisfy your guests. Once you have signed the rental contract, you won’t need to worry much about it anymore. Whether organizing an outdoor wedding with 200 guests or managing a large commercial job site where you have to provide bathrooms to your customers, a restroom trailer will be a reliable and practical choice.

When you have other critical details to handle, such as catering or music, you don’t want to be preoccupied with restroom-related issues. By selecting a reputable rental company, you can be assured that you won’t have to worry about it. You can reserve your trailer and proceed with other essential tasks. A good restroom rental company will handle the set-up and removal of the porta potties and sanitize them to ensure that the restrooms are always well-stocked and clean. Even for upscale events, you can customize your trailers by hanging pictures or adding a vase of flowers to make your rental unit more personal. You can even add decorative flourishes like ribbons to the railing outside the unit.

Choose From a Range of Options

Not all porta-potties are the same. That gives you flexibility when finding the right one to suit your needs.

For instance, you can choose luxury bathroom trailers that resemble traditional wedding bathrooms. Or you can go with the simpler portable restrooms that are well-suited for more casual events like music festivals or work sites. 

Take stock of how many guests or workers you anticipate each day so you know how many trailers to reserve. Look at how formal or informal the event or site will be. And consider the duration of the event. These considerations can lead you to the proper event or job site restroom. You may choose a mix of options, including portable toilets, handwash stands, and a bathroom trailer for the wedding party. We offer restroom trailers that range from 2 stalls to 10 stalls and an ADA restroom trailer.  

Avoid Long Lines

Guests or workers will appreciate not having to wait in long lines when you rent portable bathrooms. You’ll want to consider that some guests have traveled long distances for weddings or family reunions. The last thing you want to do is saddle them with the inconvenience of inadequate bathrooms. Similarly, guests won’t like to wait long for concerts and miss the music they’ve paid to see. Events that lack proper bathroom facilities may not get positive reviews from attendees. This can hurt attendance at future events if they decide not to return or advise their friends not to. 

Offering sufficient facilities is essential to ensure optimal productivity and comfort for employees at the worksite. Doing so empowers your team to make the most of their time on-site without interruptions. Employees might leave the site without adequate amenities, leading to unnecessary time consumption and inconvenience. Providing comfortable facilities enhances the work environment and fosters loyalty and satisfaction among workers, encouraging them to remain with your organization.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to have at least two porta-potties for every 100 guests. This ratio should change if drinks or meals are involved since guests will frequent the bathrooms more often. And if the event is high-end, you may want more restrooms to provide the best possible experience. 

Accessibility for Everyone

Not everyone can use traditional small porta-potty units easily. That makes trailers especially useful for outdoor events and job sites. When you include a few larger trailers among smaller units, you’ll ensure that everyone can access a bathroom without leaving the area. Individuals in wheelchairs or with walkers can access designated restroom trailer units. You can rent ADA-compliant trailers to provide a more inclusive site.

People with young children will have more spacious stalls to change diapers or help their children get ready. Guests at fancier events will like having more space to freshen up or relax. In addition, guests will appreciate the extra privacy level offered by a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers have mirrors above the sink for easy touchup or changing clothes.

Make an Eco-Friendly Decision

You can also feel good about offering restroom trailers as an environmentally conscious solution. While other bathrooms in buildings rely on constant flushing, which leads to wasted water, a restroom trailer does not. Additionally, porta potties keep waste in a separate tank that won’t leak into the ground.

A reputable restroom trailer rental company will also ensure a sanitary restroom experience. This translates to regularly disposing of waste for events beyond a single day. 

Finally, not only is a porta-potty trailer eco-friendly, but it’s also cleaner. As the event coordinator, you can cluster restroom trailers to keep them away from food areas. And you can ensure that hand sanitizer bottles or stations are available for anyone. 

Rent a Restroom Trailer at A Sani-Can

A restroom trailer is a convenient solution to provide a professional appearance at your next event. With so many portable toilet options, you’ll be able to find the right ones to keep guests or workers happy. And you’ll be making a decision that helps the environment. 

When you need porta-potty or dumpster solutions, A Sani-Can has you covered. With 30 years of industry experience, we have a positive reputation for customer service and competitive prices. Contact us for help today!