A portable shower trailer provides ease and convenience for various events and jobs. The cost to rent a shower trailer varies but can typically run from $1,000 to $4,500, on average. 

If you’re interested in renting a portable bathroom trailer with a shower, there are some essential things to know.

Read on to learn more about a mobile shower trailer and how it can help you.

Basics of Portable Shower Trailers

A shower trailer is a restroom facility that can be placed anywhere you need. These mobile bathrooms are significant for significant events, real estate management, and construction projects.

When you rent a shower trailer, you get the convenience of easy access to hot water so you or your guests can clean off when they need to. In most cases, these trailers are used for construction workers who need to clean during or after a hard day at work.

The trailer is also extremely helpful for disaster relief. The mobile shower is a handy way to provide comfort to those who don’t have access to a hot shower otherwise. They’re also excellent for military installations and temporary work camps.

Amenities with Your Shower Trailer Rental

Renting a shower trailer is convenient, but what about additional amenities? Most include running water but may also feature extras like a large sink for handwashing, mirrors for changing, and a diaper-changing area.

Higher-end models could also include heating and air conditioning to make showering a more pleasant experience regardless of outside weather. Large shower trailers include several individual shower stalls for privacy, so more than one can shower at a time.

You may also rent a shower trailer with a separate dressing area with extras like benches and bright lighting.

The amenities you get usually depend on the exact trailer model you choose. Prices are higher for those with more exclusive amenities, like extra stalls. 

Benefits of Renting a Shower Trailer

Whether you’re a construction foreman or an event coordinator, renting a shower trailer offers many great benefits. First, these showers give your workers or guests convenience and flexibility. From events that include overnight stays to long-term construction projects, these showers help people feel more at home.

Since the trailers can be moved anywhere, they’re an excellent addition to everything from major outdoor events to crucial disaster relief efforts, including those coordinated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). They are taking a nice, hot shower, which is a beneficial tool to help someone’s mental and physical well-being, especially when they might not have access to it otherwise.

Showers not only help people get clean, but they can also help to prevent the spread of a wide range of diseases. They’re also a much more affordable way to provideon-site long-term amenities. A mobile shower trailer provides affordability and flexibility rather than paying to construct a temporary restroom.

You’ll also get high-quality facilities without installing something more permanent and worrying about constant maintenance. If you’re planning an event, offering this extra amenity makes the event more appealing and comforts guests.

Many people will remember the pleasant experience and convenience of having access to “real” bathrooms during significant events. Not only will this help boost your reputation, but it will also bring guests back for another event you have. 

Shower Trailers for the Military

A shower trailer is a good option for troops deployed to temporary or remote locations. In most cases, they likely won’t have access to permanent shower facilities while serving.

Renting a shower trailer allows troops to keep up with their hygiene and may help prevent the spread of germs and diseases. It can also do wonders to improve morale while facing challenging situations.

Even if military troops are in a field environment, they can reap the benefits of trailer bathrooms. It gives them a practical, affordable, and convenient way to stay clean, healthy, and mentally positive.

Water and Electricity Requirements

There are a few important things to consider before you rent a shower trailer. First, make sure you have access to water hookups and the ability to provide hot water.

You should also determine how many toilets and shower stalls are required as well as how many men and women will need to use them. Check to ensure you have a reliable water source that can produce enough gallons per minute to offer a consistent water supply to the sinks, toilets, and showers. 

If the shower uses propane to heat the water, you’ll need to refill the tanks every two to 28 days, depending on how much is used. Consider how to pump out waste through a connected sewer line or find out if your shower trailer rental company will pump and remove the waste for you.

Shower trailers with skylights can help you save on the energy costs required to light them. Choose models with LED lighting for a more affordable and reliable source of light.

If you only need showers for a short-term event, look for simple models that provide the basics. This not only saves money but also saves valuable space. For formal events like large weddings or family reunions, consider upgrading to a more high-end model that offers several amenities. Larger units are best for disaster relief facilities, military installations, and busy construction sites. 

Find Your Ideal Portable Shower Trailer

If you need to rent a shower trailer, remember these tips and consider the benefits they offer. From small units for short events to long-term, full-sized bathrooms, these trailer bathrooms have many amazing perks.

Check out our amazing selection of shower trailer rentals at A Sani-Can Sanitation Services today, and get a customized quote for your shower trailer needs for your next big construction project or special event.