Imagine spending months planning the perfect event, a showstopper that your guests will remember for years. But when the time comes to read online reviews, one issue crops up repeatedly: bathrooms. It’s a surprisingly common issue but one that’s easy to solve. Planning a plentiful supply of luxury bathroom trailers will keep your guests happy, comfortable, and ready to enjoy your event. Here are nine tips on selecting the best bathroom trailers for rent.

1. Determine the Right Number of Stalls

Size is one of the most pressing decisions before choosing a bathroom trailer. You can get trailers in many sizes, so consider what capacity you’ll need for your event. The supplier will generally include the maximum capacity for each trailer style and size. If you have forecasts of guest numbers, use that as a starting point in conjunction with the length of the event. Don’t forget to factor in the hours the trailer will open up daily. Getting the size right will help you find a good fit for your budget, as you want to avoid paying for an oversized trailer for a small and intimate gathering. Likewise, you want to avoid angering or upsetting guests by offering limited facilities when you expect large crowds.

2. Consider Hygiene Standards

Good sanitation and hygiene will offer your guests a more pleasant experience. But more importantly than that, they are a safety requirement. When choosing a bathroom trailer, look for ones that will help you offer the highest hygiene standards. For example, you may consider adding soap and hand sanitizers as an add-on. If you are renting for an extended period, make sure that the restroom trailer rental includes regular cleaning and restocking based on the foot traffic the trailer is expected to receive.

3. Review the Condition of the Bathroom Trailer

You want to choose a trailer that is in excellent condition. Check the supplier’s website for photos and reviews from previous customers. Choose a trailer that offers a spacious interior, as that will be a more positive experience for your guests. Look for those that provide high-end decor, mirrors, lighting, and stylish bathroom fittings. You should also check that the trailers are well-maintained and don’t have issues like broken locks or leaking taps. That will set an excellent impression for your guests and reflect well on your event. 

4. Check the Climate Control

Climate control will keep your portable sanitation trailer comfortable. So, look for restroom trailers with built-in heating and air conditioning inside. It will keep the interior cool and comfortable in a hot and humid climate. If guests are in line for the restrooms during cold winter months, you want to ensure they are well-heated. Good ventilation is also necessary to ensure the air quality is high and the inside feels fresh and pleasant for guests. All A Sani-Can restroom trailers come with climate control.

5. Consider Accessibility Options

You want to accommodate every guest needing a restroom break, which could mean choosing an ADA-compliant portable restroom or restroom trailer for your event. ADA-compliant restroom trailer includes handrails, wheelchair ramps, and low-level sinks. The interior is large enough to accommodate all toilet needs, including wheelchairs. A Sani-Can offers a 3-stall restroom trailer that meets the Americans With Disabilities Act requirements for accessibility.

6. Check Water and Power Needs

You’ll need to check that the bathroom trailer has connections to water via a direct link or a water tank. The trailer will also require a power source, such as a generator, for lighting and heating. Check with us to find out how this will work and the steps we will take to set up the bathroom trailers. That will make planning and running your event easier without worrying about the restrooms. 

7. Check the Logistics

When renting a restroom trailer, checking availability before you finalize any more details is essential. When we deliver and install restroom trailers, we are usually the first one in and the last one out at any significant event. It would be best to have the bathroom trailer available before your event begins so that you have time to inspect it. You’ll also need to extend the rental slightly after the event finishes so the collection doesn’t coincide with your guests’ stay. Contact us to discuss the timetable, guarantees, and delivery dates and times.

8. Check Packages and Prices

Before selecting a bathroom trailer, take the time to examine prices and packages. It’s essential when you do this to compare like for like. Some options may appear cheaper at first glance. However, if you examine the details, they may not include luxury interior elements such as hardwood floors. Ensure that the prices don’t have hidden fees, too. You want a comprehensive package that covers all your needs, including delivery, so that you know your bathroom trailer is within budget for your event. You should also check the pricing and availability should you need to extend your rental after the initial date ends.

9. Read the Testimonials

Before you make your final choice of a bathroom trailer, check customer testimonials on Google Maps or Yelp. You want evidence that other clients have had an excellent experience with the bathroom trailers. And it’s a chance to check that customers haven’t experienced significant problems with the trailers, like power outages. Check for ways that the company provides excellent customer service, too. You want a company that’s professional and prompt in handling issues or requests from customers. That’s important because if something goes wrong, you want a company that can resolve it quickly so it doesn’t impact your event.  

Finding the Best Bathroom Trailers for Rent

Whatever your event, luxury bathroom trailers are a must. They’ll keep your guests happy and your event running smoothly. Use these nine tips to ensure you get the proper setup for your event that perfectly fits your needs. You can find bathroom trailers for rent now at Sani-Can Sanitation Services. Our luxury trailers are the first choice for businesses looking for a premium restroom trailer for their event. Contact us now for a quote