For some people, portable restrooms are a helpful convenience. For others, they are a lifeline. But for businesses, they often pose a challenge. Can you keep them clean and safe?

With proper planning and organization, any portable restroom trailer rental can resemble the pristine luxury you might expect in a five-star hotel. It’s all about knowing a few tips and tricks. 

Read on to get that clean, fresh feel for your portable restroom. We’ll share our top tips for keeping your bathroom hygienic and safe.

Proper Setup

The best way to keep restroom trailers clean is to prepare them first. It’s more than simply creating a pleasant environment for the first guest.

Good preparation ensures you keep that restroom in excellent condition to avoid sanitation problems later.

First, ensure that the trailer has a reliable power and water supply. You don’t want a situation, for example, where the air filtration system breaks.

Second, get a professional to check the plumbing. That is your chance to spot any leaks or blocks that could cause flooding and sanitation problems once the trailer is in use.

Third, check you have plentiful supplies like paper towels, soaps, and cleaning products. Use a checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything during that final inspection.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

The trick to keeping a restroom trailer clean and safe for guests is to ensure you have regular, consistent cleaning. But how frequent does your cleaning schedule need to be?

The answer depends on the flow of traffic. So, you’ll need some information beforehand to help predict the number of people likely to use the trailer.

Use a checklist for your cleaner to ensure a consistent and thorough job. That checklist might include:

  • Restocking suppliers
  • Removing and changing the trash cans
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Wiping surfaces and door handles with a disinfectant
  • Cleaning seat and sink areas with a disinfectant

Depending on the length of time guests will use the trailer and the likely footfall, you might also want to include an occasional deep clean.

That will consist of more powerful cleaning agents on the floors and surfaces and cleaning in harder-to-reach areas.

Always ensure you provide your cleaning team with the appropriate protective equipment. That includes gloves, aprons, and masks.

You should also schedule inspections between the cleaning times to double-check there are no urgent issues like flooding.

Check Ventilation

A clean restroom toilet requires proper ventilation. It’s the best way to control odors and humidity, helping you avoid mold and bacteria. These could pose a risk to your guests.

If you have built-in ventilation, check it’s working correctly and that fans circulate air. You could also add smaller fans to keep the space cool and fresh. An odor-free, ventilated environment is more pleasant for your guests.

Keep Essentials Well-Stocked

Guests will expect to see a well-stocked restroom, and lack of items can quickly turn into complaints. So, overestimate the stock you’ll need and monitor how fast visitors consume things.

You’ll want to ensure a plentiful supply of toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Use easy-to-operate dispensers for items like soap, as that will minimize mess.

Think about peak times and ensure extra items are available for those periods. Keep your supplies nearby.

Store them in a locked cupboard so they are easily accessible if you run low on items. You can also add signage with a telephone number for guests to call if they have a problem with missing essentials.

Prioritise Hygiene With Waste Management

Hygienic waste management practices will keep your staff and guests safe and ensure the restroom stays clean.

You may want to hire a waste disposal service for added convenience. It’s crucial to handle waste promptly. Accumulated waste quickly becomes unsightly and unsafe.

Again, anticipating demand is essential to accurately schedule how frequently you must manage your waste. You should also have an emergency plan for waste problems, like plumbing issues and flooding.

Finally, check local regulations. You should always comply with local laws, and you may find there are specific requirements, such as recycling.

Consider User Safety

You must be vigilant about risks to ensure your team’s and guests’ safety. Always inspect your porta potty rental to look for potential hazards.

Check that fixtures and fittings are secure, noting and repairing minor problems like loose screws or damaged locks. Consider making your floor safer by adding an easy-to-clean, non-slip mat.

That will protect visitors from accidents in the event of a flood. You should also keep a first aid kit nearby for emergencies. Consider extra safety measures for less able people, like supportive handles and clear signage.

Dealing With Spills and Accidents

When you have spills and accidents in portable restroom trailers, you should deal with it as an emergency.

First, add a warning sign to the floor to ensure guests avoid the area. If the space is too hazardous, close the restroom until you’ve cleaned it.

Have an emergency kit nearby to handle a spill, including gloves, cleaning products, and a mop and bucket. You may also want to store some biohazard bags. And train staff on safely dealing with a spill.

Use Dedicated Staff for Portable Toilet Maintenance

Maintaining the restroom is essential; you don’t want to let your schedule slip because you are busy elsewhere. So, use a dedicated team with a clear list of tasks and deadlines.

Remember that this team must cover more than cleaning and restocking. You also need someone to take charge of maintenance and repairs and check for broken items and other hazards.

Keep a log of all inspections to ensure your team inspects the restroom within the timescales you set.

Achieving a Clean and Safe Portable Restroom Trailer Rental

The secret to a clean and safe portable restroom trailer is to stay organized. Keep to a routine with your cleaning and have plenty of supplies on hand, including emergency maintenance kits.

Our restroom trailer rental at A Sani-Can Sanitation Services is a step above what your guests would typically expect. Look at our high-quality portable toilets and discover why they are the right choice for your business.