There are a ton of reasons to host an outdoor event. Outdoor spaces tend to cost less to rent than indoor venues while allowing for a larger guest count. Plus, many people crave more outdoor time due to the psychological and physical benefits of spending time outside. 

That said, hosting an event outside does come with a few extra considerations. A big one is providing guests with a place to go to the bathroom.

Porta potty rental is crucial for your upcoming event. If you think you might be able to get away with hosting an event without portable toilets, it’s time to think again!

Not convinced? Read on to discover the benefits of event porta potty rentals.

Opening Up Venue Options

Accessible bathrooms are a must when you’re hosting an event, whether those guests are friends and loved ones or the general public. Without portable toilets, you’re restricted to indoor venues or outdoor venues that have open bathrooms nearby.

Renting porta potties opens the door to far more venues because you’re not restricted to venues that already have restrooms available on-site. From vast fields to city streets, the options are practically limitless with portable toilets.

Keeping Guests Around Longer

Your event is only scheduled for a couple hours. Do your guests really need access to a bathroom?

The reality is that most people will need to use the bathroom about once every three hours. If you’re serving alcohol, coffee, or other diuretics, guests may even need to visit the bathroom every one to two hours. 

If you don’t have bathrooms on-site, your guests will leave early out of necessity. This will result in a loss of profit and smaller crowds when your headliner or main attraction hits the stage.

Cutting Down the Wait Time

When you’re renting porta potties for an event, you have the option of installing multiple stalls across your event space. We often encourage clients to create multiple clusters in key areas that are easy to find and don’t require guests to walk from one side of your event space to another. Indoor venues, on the other hand, may only have a handful of stalls in the whole place.

The last thing you want is for everyone’s memory of your event to be waiting in line for the bathroom. By installing several porta potties (a good ratio is one for every 20-50 guests), you’ll cut down on the wait time so guests can take care of business and get back to your event without missing a beat.

Keeping Private Bathrooms Private

What if you’re hosting a backyard event for friends and family? Backyards can be the perfect place for things like family reunions, engagement parties, graduation parties, and even weddings. The problem is that you may not want guests to be in and out of the main property, which can create a bigger mess to clean up (and require more preparation before the event begins).

Porta potty rentals aren’t just for huge events. We can install a few portable toilets on your property for your next event so that the private bathrooms in your home stay private. Not only can this keep your home clean, but it can also guarantee that your guests don’t drift away from the party and into your home.

Providing a Luxury Bathroom Experience

We get it. When you’re hosting an upscale event, traditional porta john rental doesn’t seem like the right fit. Your guests will be all dressed up and expecting an upscale experience, and walking into a porta potty may not be the most appealing choice.

The good news is that you can now rent luxury restroom trailers for an entirely different portable toilet experience. Our restroom trailers are far more spacious than your average porta potty and provide guests with flushing toilets, running water, and climate control. There are even hooks for coats and bags, a mirror to touch up hair and makeup, luxury finishes, and upscale decor.

Keep in mind that guests will have to climb three short stairs to access the restroom trailer. You may also want to have a few regular porta potties on-site to accommodate guests with limited mobility.

Increasing Sanitation

When you rent porta potties for an event, you have a few add-ons to choose from. One of them is an in-unit hand sanitizer for guests to use after going to the bathroom. Having hand sanitizer available is a great way to increase overall hygiene at your event.

Having designated porta potty zones will also increase the sanitation at your event. Always install porta potties at a safe distance from food vendors and areas where guests are encouraged to eat. 

Easy Installation and Cleanup

All of our porta potties are delivered completely clean and fully stocked with toilet paper and any add-ons you specify in your order. We deliver and install porta potties to ensure that they’re safe and ready to use.

Once your event is over, you don’t have to worry about emptying or cleaning your porta potty rentals. We will come back and take care of all the dirty work so that you can stay focused on your post-event responsibilities.

Come to A Sani-Can for Porta Potty Rental

Hosting an outdoor event comes with a ton of perks and advantages, but it also leaves you responsible for securing bathroom facilities. Porta potty rental is a great choice and gives you a ton of options to meet your guests’ needs and expectations.

At A Sani-Can, we offer more than just portable toilet rentals. If you need dumpster rental to keep litter at bay at your event, we can do that, too. Request a free quote to find out how we can meet your budget.