A whopping 81% of Americans plan to travel during the summer months. If you’re spearheading a summer event, such as a wedding or music festival, you want to make travelers happy they’ve decided to attend it. When they’ve made the effort to come, offering quality restroom facilities needs to be part of your planning process. 

Read on to learn about the seven reasons to invest in a portable toilet rental for your next event!

1. Offer a Convenient Solution

Renting a porta potty is a convenient way to provide bathroom facilities at your next event. When you’re hosting a music festival, family reunion, or wedding, you want to make it easy for guests to stick around.

The last thing you want is for people to have to leave the event when they need a bathroom. There is the risk that they might not return. For events with vendors, this can be financially devastating. 

Additionally, porta potties are convenient to install and remove from your event. The rental company will have the necessary equipment to transport and deposit the porta potties exactly where you want them. And you won’t need to provide oversight when the porta potties are removed. 

2. Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Portable toilets are an easy way to go the extra step to show guests you care about their well-being. Guests may be wary of attending events if they are unable to access restroom facilities on the premises. This may be particularly true for elderly guests or those with children.

When you indicate that you will have bathroom stalls available, you ease any anxiety within your guests. You also make it easy for them to leave momentarily and then return to the action quickly.

3. Provide a Clean Facility

Porta potties from a reputable service will be cleaned before and after your event. And if your event stretches over multiple days, you’ll need to be attentive to cleaning during the event. You can work with the rental company to ensure that the potties or trailers are cleaned regularly by staff. 

Guests will appreciate seeing clean facilities at your event. And, best of all, you won’t have to do the cleaning yourself! Just make sure that you’re clear on the number of cleanings before signing a contract. 

4. Save Time and Energy

When you turn to porta potty rental services, the organization will handle the heavy lifting. In other words, you won’t need to worry about transporting the toilets to and from the location. And you won’t be responsible for sanitizing them. 

As the one in charge of the event, it’s always helpful to be able to outsource responsibilities to other parties. With a porta potty rental service, you can do that  and then focus on more pressing matters. 

5. Enhance the Professionalism of Your Event

You might be surprised to learn that porta potties can elevate the professionalism of your event. When you opt for luxury trailers, you’ll communicate to guests and event participants that you are running a professional event. 

You can personalize many porta potty options, too. You may be able to request specific interior colors or finishes for top-level events. Otherwise, you can bring decorative objects and items to wrap around a luxury trailer’s railing. 

Demonstrate another level of professionalism when you take the time to determine where you want your porta potties located. While you don’t want them front and center, you do want them to be accessible. Include some clear signage to direct guests to your porta potties as an additional gesture of professionalism.

6. Gain Access to Porta Potty Options

Not all porta potties are the same. In fact, you can specify the type of porta potty you want based on your budget, the scale of the event, and more. Choose from modest options for informal events to high-end units fit for celebrities. 

Fancier events, for example, might be instances where you want to spring for a luxury unit. With luxury trailers, you’ll get premium amenities, flushable toilets, and more spacious interiors. Classy laminate floors and new vanities are among the features that will impress your guests.

Keep in mind that guests at any event may appreciate a large porta potty trailer or two. For parents with young children or guests in elaborate clothing, a little more space is helpful. Consider springing for a roomier stall or trailer in addition to smaller units. 

On the other hand, simpler porta potty options allow for higher-density groupings of stalls. For larger events, this can be the best option. That way, guests won’t be waiting in line forever to use the bathroom. 

7. Be Eco-Friendly

Did you know that porta potty rentals are a way to help the environment? For a variety of reasons, portable bathrooms are an eco-friendly investment. You’ll make a small carbon footprint by investing in them for your event, especially when working with a local rental company. 

Because porta potties are temporary, they won’t require ongoing upkeep at a given location. Plus they won’t become a permanent fixture in the landscape. You won’t have to worry that you’re damaging a landscape if you’re hosting an event in a park or the wilderness. 

Find the Right Portable Toilet Rental

A portable toilet rental can be a critical component of a successful event. You’ll be making an eco-friendly and convenient bathroom solution that will make guests feel appreciated. You’ll also save time by outsourcing this responsibility to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Ready to make your next event a success? Contact us so we can help you find the right type of porta potty!