A Sani-Can is the best choice in the SouthEast when it comes to portable restrooms—the service that we’re most known for—but did you know that we’re also experts in grease trap pumping and cleaning. As with all of our services, we are committed to being the best company in the industry for grease trap management. We have the skill, the equipment, and the experience to help you manage this important part of your business. Our state-of-the art de-watering system based at our Denver, NC facility, contributes to effective disposal of the grease waste. It is our contribution of recycling to help keep our water supply free of grease.

Servicing your property’s grease trap on a regular basis is an integral part of waste management. It prevents drains backing up in your place of business. Maintaining the grease trap will prevent costly fines mandated by municipal ordinances. Our well trained, licensed technicians can assist you with regular preventative maintenance, inspections, and emergency services—so you never have to worry again! Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.